The only wheel chock in the industry that has wheels.

Ergonomically designed to reduce back injuries when chocking or unchocking wheels

*Made Tractor-Trailer Tuff
*Meets OSHA Requirement
*Adjustable for left or right hand trailer positions
*Safety Engineered to Minimize Trailer Creep
*Safety Yellow Handle is Highly Visible from Truck Cab
*Optional Chain Hook to Secure Chock to the Building and
      Reduce Theft

We are offering our Patent Pending ” Ergonomic Wheel Chock “
This product will allow for simple ease and quick chock placement for your operators. Heavy Duty all metal design.
Engineered maximum for strength and durability.

separate parts

Sealed Wheel Bearings
All Steel Construction
Available in large and small quantities


Stops wheel movement on all vehicles:
Tractor Trailers
Boat Trailers

Ergo Wheel Chock Back View

We have a full suite of replacement parts for Ergochock.
Ergochock ships with the handle removed, the wheel assembly can also be removed if desired for storage or transportation.

Ergochock is proudly Made in the USA from quality materials and engineered to last.
No order is too large, or too small.

Ergo Wheel Chock Side View
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