The only wheel chock in the industry that has wheels.

Ergonomically designed to reduce back injuries when chocking or unchocking wheels

*Made Tractor-Trailer Tuff
*Meets OSHA Requirement
*Adjustable for left or right hand trailer positions
*Safety Engineered to Minimize Trailer Creep
*Safety Yellow Handle is Highly Visible from Truck Cab
*Optional Chain Hook to Secure Chock to the Building and
      Reduce Theft

We are offering our Patent Pending ” Ergonomic Wheel Chock “
This product will allow for simple ease and quick chock placement for your operators. Heavy Duty all metal design.
Engineered maximum for strength and durability.

Ergo Wheel Chock 3/4 View

Sealed Wheel Bearings
All Steel Construction
Available in large and small quantities

Stops wheel movement on all vehicles:
Tractor Trailers
Boat Trailers

Ergo Wheel Chock Back View
Ergo Wheel Chock Side View
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